Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KAZUMI - half German Shepherd/ half Human?

My Kazumi is a half German Shepherd dog given by my brother's close friend. She just turned 7 years old last May 10, 2008.

Like most dogs, Kazumi knows a lot of tricks. I remember the first command she followed perfectly was fetch, then find, sit, lie down , catch, jump, bark once, twice and three times by just hand signal.. and oh not to mention "push the botton" by which she would reach your hand by her nose.

Moreover, she would give you a ball even if you are just sitting down watching TV..she likes to play fetch. Last year she learned how to say "Nana" (my mother), "Eyen" (my nickname) and "Meow2x".. She can identify names of people and even insects/other cats or dogs when you say " Kazumi, find ...(name). Another thing is, she would know when you open a slicedbread by just the sound of its plastic container. She would then position herself lying down with her arms spreading ready for the snacks. But one thing I was amazed of is that it seems like she could count how many pieces of bread left inside the plastic container because she would not stop asking for it until only 1 piece is left for me. She would wake up at dawn, wake you up using her paws to ask for bread knowing that I am still sleeping. So then, only one piece is left for my breakfast.

The nice thing is that when my phone alarms, she would usually wake me up.. she's a very good alarm clock ..I would say. And if somebody is sick, she would comfort you by lying next to you.
Like humans, she does not like to defecate or urinate inside the house. She makes signals if she wants to go out,like barking while looking at you and the door. She does not want to step on a wet ground, and immediately goes back inside the house when she is through.
Kazumi, a jealous dog, a very keen listener , a protector and a loyal friend. She gets angry if I have someone to talk to that she does not know well or if I cuddle another dog or cat. One funny game me and my mom play is acting out as if we were fighting and then she would bark at the one she sees starting the fight.. On the other hand, she knows how to play hide and seek and she never gives up until she finds you.

Since Kazumi was a puppy, we are always her company, I think that's why she acts and think like humans. My mom always say that I am Kazumi's favorite. Wow! I am definitely proud.;)

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