Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5 Little Known Things about Making Money with Adsense

Millions of web pages and blogs are monetized with Google Adsense program. However, only 10% earn money substantially to reach the threshold of $100 a month. Google Adsense is a great way to monetize your web page or blog, because you don't need to do anything at all - other than 'copying and pasting the adsense code'. Every user wants to earn at least $100 a month from Adsense, which is the threshold of Google's paycheck. Only if you know few things about Adsense, you will earn money from it.

Here's a list of five things about Making Money with Adsense that you probably were not aware of. Make use of these tips and earn more money with Adsense on your hub pages and blogs.

1. No clicks = Poor Rating:

Tired of seeing low rates for clicks? Sometimes, you will even get $0.01 per click which is very poor. This means Google Adsense has rated your website as "POOR" below ordinary and grouped with 'scrap sites'. So, no matter whatever great content you write, you will not earn money from the site. If your adsense ads are not clicked in a website or a blog page, then immediately remove the 'adsense code'. Add your 'adsense code' only when you are confident about people will click on it. Sometimes, choosing such a niche (content type) is the key. For instance, people tend to click ads on review sites, technology sites and download sites.

2. Seasonal Rate Hikes:

This is another gold mine, the ad rates change based on the seasons/holidays. If a Christmas season is nearby, then advertisers will pay more to get the top bids, because of the tight competition. So, you may even get as big as $100 per click (Trust me). How can you take advantage of it? Write seasonal blog posts (or hub pages) and publish them. If Easter holidays are around the corner, then publish something related to Easter. You will get good rates for each click.

3. Know who will click:

Here's a truth - "No one wants to click Adsense ads". People are becoming used to the 'Ad blindness', they ignore seeing anything that looks like Ads. But, then who will click them? People who are searching for something. Or people who don't know much about 'Adsense Ads' or 'Contextual Ads'. How do you find them? You already know them - people whom are living with , your family and relatives. Ask them to visit your hub pages or blogs, don't mention anything about ads.

Run a classified ad in your local newspaper, the people who visit after reading such offline ads see the ads as part of content, so, they are more likely to click on ads.

4. Where is your ads?

Placement of your adsense ads is the key to get more clicks. You have to place it in the middle of the screen. Don't be shy or afraid to place your ads right in the centre. You need to use the same colour scheme to match your website / blog's design scheme. Users should not scroll above or below to see your ads. The ads should be right in front of their eyes. No excuse if you make mistake on this tip.

Unfortunately, some adsense revenue sharing sites such as Hubpages do not allow you to have the control on the colour scheme or placement, but do this if you have a blog or website.

5. Build a reputation:

Believe it or not, every Google Adsense account has a reputation factor. So, do not throw your ads every website or blog page you create. Instead, maintain one good quality page and build a reputation around it. Once you start getting good rates (at least $0.5) for your clicks, you can implement the code on other sites.

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