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The Largest Scuba Diving Lesson and The Most People Scuba Diving Simultaneously

If there was a world record for the land of the people with the most beautiful smile I would personally consider Indonesia for the award. In fact I will hardly forget the warmth of all the wonderful people I met in Manado in the last two days.

Happy People.jpg

Malalayang beach (Manado, North Sulawesi) is the place where on the 16th and 17th of August thousands of scuba divers have joined together, to set a new world record category for the largest scuba diving lesson and to break an already existing world record for the most people scuba diving simultaneously, previously set by the Maldives in 2006 with 958 scuba divers.


Indonesia is often referred as the world’s largest archipelago, including more than 17000 islands, is renowned worldwide for the immense beauty of his underwater world and marine biodiversity.

When you are scuba diving in Manado you can see over 70% of all fish species that exist in the Indo-Western Pacific, and it is no surprise that the local people and all the foreigners who have the luck to dive in the clear Indonesian sea remain amazed by the pristine experience.


So it didn’t seem too much of a hard thing to do for the Indonesian Navy and for Commodore Iskandar Sitompul organising the largest scuba diving lesson with the impressive number of 2465 scuba divers on the first day and an even bigger contingent of tanks, fins and masks on the second day for the most people scuba diving simultaneously with at total of 2486 scuba divers.Manado divers.jpg

Some basic scuba diving techniques like the mask recovery were performed during the scuba diving lesson and to make more special the second record attempt a full ceremony underwater was organised on the 17th of August in occasion of the Indonesian 64th Independence Day anniversary.

The long lines of participants organised in more than 50 groups, once reached the bottom of the sea, at a depth of about 15 meters, took position and the director of ceremonyVice Admiral Moekhlas Sidik, M.P.Araised the red and white Indonesian flag underwater.

Indonesian Pride.jpg

The scuba divers paid respect to the flag and prayed silently together, all broadcasted live on TV and reported by a huge number of national and international media present at the event.

It was a touching experience and a very special way of celebrating the 64th National day of a country full of life and extremely proud of his history and his people.

I was impressed by the perfect organisation of both record attempts where the schedule was followed with no delays, no accidents and no last minutes surprises: everything was just perfect.

Top View.JPG

It was for me a great honour to award during the evening ceremony two official and very well deserved Guinness World Records certificates to the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy Admiral Tedjo Edhy Purdijatino S.H


19 August 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vulture - Unmanned Aircraft

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of United States is working to develop an unmanned aircraft that is able to stay in air for a period of 5 years at a time. It is one of the most recent inventions of world.

Officials of DARPA has revealed that this aircraft will be known as VULTURE due to its Persistent Pseudo-Satellite Capability . It means that this aircraft will be able to fly over a single area, communicating or performing analysis for years at a time.

Major Obstacles in Project:

Even this project looks appealing to many of you, but there are some serious problems or you can say obstacles in achieving this project.

1) First challenge in front of designers is to figure out some Way to Supply Power to this aircraft during long missions.

2) Another problem is that this aircraft will carry a 1000 pound (450 kg) payload in winds at an altitude of 60,000 to 90,000 feet.

3) Designers have also to sort out the problems regarding Deterioration of Materials during their long-time exposure to stratospheric flight.
In addition to this there may be many challenges during designing of this aircraft.

Daniel Newman: The Man Behind VULTURE

Daniel Newman is the Project Manger of this ambitious project of NASA. In his words: "We want to completely change the paradigm of how we think of aircraft. Aviation has a perfect record - we've never left one up there. We will attempt to break that record". It looks that its time to get out of the traditional "launch - recover - maintain - launch cycle of aircrafts."

Concept Behind Vulture:

Basically Aircrafts operates just like satellites, but the major difference is that these are not regulated by orbital mechanics. You can understand Vulture as a Pseudo-Satellite, which operates in the stratosphere and not in the low Earth orbit. This would provide a 65 dB upgrading in communications capability and will increase onboard sensor resolution.


When Will it Become a Reality?

Well, right now NASA has not mentioned any time table when the aircraft will be ready. But for now NASA has worked on the probable design of Vulture (see picture).

Black Hole Mystery Solved

Black holes are an object of research and mystery for the whole scientific community from decades. Many researchers are working day and night to explore the mysteries of black holes. In this series, a recent invention by Yale University Astrophysicist revels the fact that, There is a upper limit of the mass of any black hole. This research has been also published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.


As most of you are aware BLACK HOLE is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, not even electromagnetic radiation can escape from it. Dur to this black holes can not be seen (as they absorbs light radiations) but can only be experienced by their ultra strong gravitational pull. That's why they are named as BLACK HOLE.. They continue to grow in size by absorbing any matter that comes in range of their gravitational field.


Till now it was not sure that what can be maximum size of a black hole. These black holes are now known to exist throughout the Universe and the largest and most massive are at the centers of the largest galaxies. These "ultra-massive" black holes have reported to have mass about One Billion Times that of our own Sun.

Black Hole


According to the new research by Priyamvada Natarajan, an Associate Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Yale University and a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, it has been proved, that even the biggest of these Black Holes can't keep growing forever. Instead, they appear to curb their own growth - once they accumulate about 10 billion times the mass of the Sun.

Black Hole


Normally Black Holes continue to accumulate mass by absorbing matter from neighboring gas, dust and stars. But according to new research by Priyamvada Natarajan, that it is possible only to a certain limit, irrespective of the position of black hole. The reason behind this is that, "Eventually these Black Holes reach the point when they radiate so much energy as they consume their surroundings that they end up interfering with the very gas supply that feeds them, which may interrupt nearby star formation."


Natarajan used existing Optical and X-ray Data of these Ultra-Massive Black Holes to show that, in order for those various observations to be consistent, the black holes must essentially stop at some point in their evolution. This helped her to prove this fact that these black holes can not grow indefinitely in mass and there is some upper mass limit of black holes.

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Symbolism and the $1 Bill


Crack open your wallet, pull out everyone’s favorite portrait of George Washington, and be prepared to learn about some odd symbolism that probably seemed perfectly normal in the 18th century. Here are the explanations behind some of the more baffling parts of our nation’s smallest bills.

What’s that weird pyramid drawing on the reverse of the bill?

The two circular drawings on the reverse of the bill are actually parts of the two-sided Great Seal of the United States. Although we don’t see the entire seal outside of our wallets too often, the notion of having a great seal is actually as old as the country itself. The Continental Congress passed a resolution on July 4, 1776, to create a committee to design a great seal for the fledgling nation, and heavy hitters John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson got the first crack at creating the seal.


Congress wasn’t so keen on the design these big names brought back, though, and it took nearly six years and several drafts to finally find a suitable seal. Congress finally approved of a design on June 20, 1782.

What’s the story behind the Great Seal of the United States?

sealAccording to the State Department, which has been the official trustee of the seal since 1789, both the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of the seal are rich with symbolism. The obverse picturing the eagle is a bit easier to explain. The bird holds 13 arrows to show the nation’s strength in war, but it also grasps an olive branch with 13 leaves and 13 olives that symbolize the importance of peace. (The recurring number 13, which also appears in the stripes on the eagle’s shield and the constellation of stars over its head, is a nod to the original 13 states.) The shield floats unsupported over the eagle as a reminder that Americans should rely on their own virtue and strength.

The symbolism of the pyramid on the seal’s reverse is trickier. The pyramid has 13 steps – the designers apparently never got tired of the 13 motif – and the Roman numeral for 1776 is emblazoned across the bottom. The all-seeing Eye of Providence at the top of the pyramid symbolizes the divine help the early Americans needed in establishing the new country. The pyramid itself symbolizes strength and durability.

The divine overtones don’t stop with the unblinking eye, though. The Latin motto Annuit Ceptis appears over the pyramid; it translates into “He [God] has favored our undertaking.” The scroll underneath the pyramid reads Novus Ordo Seclorum, or “A new order of the ages,” which was meant to signify the dawn of the new American era.

How did the seal end up on our dollar bill?

We can thank former Secretary of State Cordell Hull’s busy schedule for that one. Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace had to wait for a meeting with Hull in 1934 and decided to kill time by thumbing through a State Department pamphlet on the Great Seal. The pamphlet contained an illustration of the reverse side of the seal with the pyramid, and Wallace was quite taken with the drawing. He took the seal to President Franklin Roosevelt and suggested the country mint a coin using the two sides of the seal.

FDR liked the seal, too. (Roosevelt and Wallace were both Masons and loved the all-seeing eye part of the reverse design, which echoed the concept of the Great Architect of the Universe.) He thought the seal should be on the reverse of the dollar bill rather than a coin, but he was worried the mystical imagery would offend Catholics. After Postmaster General James Farley assured FDR he didn’t think his fellow Catholics would have any problem with the design, Roosevelt approved a new dollar bill design that first appeared in 1935.

Did the Founding Fathers swipe any ideas from a magazine?

Possibly. The familiar E Pluribus Unum motto that the eagle holds in its beak underscores the union and togetherness of the 13 colonies. It might also underscore early Americans’ love of periodicals.

According to the State Department, recent historical research has indicated that this Latin motto may have been borrowed from Gentlemen’s Magazine, a London publication that ran from 1732 to 1922.

The magazine was popular in the colonies, and its title page always carried the E Pluribus Unum motto.

Why don’t the dates on the front of the bills change that often?

At the lower right of the portrait on the bill’s obverse you’ll see the word “Series” and a year. You might notice that these don’t change each year the way the numbers on minted coins do. Why not?

According to the Treasury, the series date only changes when there’s a new design for a bill, a new Treasurer of the United States, or a new Secretary of the Treasury. (These are the two officials whose signatures appear on either side of the portrait.) The series year itself changes when the Secretary of the Treasury changes, while a change in the Treasurer of the United States means that the series year remains the same, but a suffix letter gets tacked onto the end of the year.

What are the various other numbers on the obverse of the bill?

The bill’s serial number is the most prominently displayed set of digits on the dollar, but they’re not alone. If you take out a dollar, you’ll notice there are four large numbers in the corners of the bill’s open space. Like the encircled letter to the left of Washington’s portrait, FW-dollarthese numbers tell which Federal Reserve Bank issued the note. (Each Fed’s number corresponds the letter of the alphabet assigned to the bank, with A=1, B=2, and so on.)

The tiny letters and numbers that appear on the top left and bottom right of the bill’s obverse indicate the position of the note on the Treasury’s printing plates. If your dollar bill has a tiny “FW” before this code, those letters indicate that it was printed at the Treasury’s facility in Fort Worth, Texas, rather than in Washington, D.C.

Hurricane Bill now Category 4 storm in Atlantic

NOAA satellite image of Hurricane Bill moving through the Atlantic Ocean more than 1,160 miles east of the Lesser Antilles islands of the Caribbean Reuters – Hurricane Bill is pictured moving through the Atlantic Ocean, more than 1,160 miles east of the Lesser …

MIAMI – Hurricane Bill became a Category 4 storm as it rumbled across the Atlantic early Wednesday with maximum sustained winds near 135 mph.

And forecasters say the dangerous hurricane could get even stronger.

The National Hurricane Center said people in the Leeward Islands should monitor Bill's progress, though the core of the storm was expected to pass well to the northeast of the islands late Wednesday and early Thursday.

"The wind sheer is light and the waters are warm," Todd Kimberlain, a forecaster at the center, said Tuesday. "Those are two essential ingredients not just for the formation, but also the maintenance, of hurricanes."

Early Wednesday, Bill was centered about 460 miles east of the Leeward Islands and moving west-northwest near 16 mph.

The most significant threat could be to Bermuda, which the storm could pass in three or four days, Kimberlain said. But it also could move directly between Bermuda and the eastern coast of the U.S. without making landfall.

Either way, people near the coast can expect wave swells and rip currents in the next few days, Kimberlain said.

Meanwhile, people in flood-prone Haiti and the Dominican Republic awoke to good news Tuesday as it appeared Ana, the first named storm of the Atlantic season, had largely spared their shared island.

The two countries that share the island of Hispaniola are vulnerable to storms, with many impoverished people clustered along rivers, but there were no reports of major damage from the remnants of Tropical Storm Ana. The system had been downgraded to a tropical depression and then largely dissipated before reaching Haiti and the Dominican Republic, but its rains were still considered a potential threat.

Forecasters had revised their Atlantic hurricane season predictions for this season after the first two months passed without any named storms developing.

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Strep throat may have killed Mozart

An ostrich egg painted with a portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is pictured in a gift shop in Salz.. Reuters – An ostrich egg painted with a portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is pictured in a gift shop in Salzburg …

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The death of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the age of 35 may have been caused by complications stemming from strep throat, according to a Dutch study published on Monday. Since the composer's death in 1791, there have been various theories about the cause of his untimely end, from intentional poisoning, to rheumatic fever, to trichinosis, a parasitic disease caused by eating raw or undercooked pork.

On his death certificate it was officially recorded that the cause of death was hitziges Frieselfieber, or "heated miliary fever," referring to a rash that looks like millet seeds.

But researchers from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands said studies on his death have generally been based on less-than-reliable evidence, like accounts from people who witnessed Mozart's final days, written decades after his death.

Their new study, reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine, was based on information from official death registers for Vienna in the winter of 1791 that places Mozart's death in a wider context. He died in Vienna.

"Our findings suggest that Mozart fell victim to an epidemic of strep throat infection that was contracted by many Viennese people in Mozart's month of death, and that Mozart was one of several persons in that epidemic that developed a deadly kidney complication," researcher Richard Zegers, of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, told Reuters Health.

Zegers and his colleagues said this "minor epidemic" of step throat, or streptococcal pharyngitis, may have begun in the city's military hospital.

According to witness accounts, Mozart fell ill with an "inflammatory fever," which is consistent with strep throat, Zegers and his colleagues wrote in their report.

The composer, who wrote more than 600 works during his life, eventually developed severe swelling, "malaise," back pain and a rash, consistent with a strep infection leading to kidney inflammation known as glomerulonephritis.

Zegers said it was also possible that Mozart had scarlet fever, which, like strep throat, can be caused by infection with streptococcal bacteria, but this was less likely because witnesses said Mozart developed a rash near the end of his illness and with scarlet fever, the rash appears early on.

Playing cards that look like Iphones

It's been a while since I played cards, but i would definitely want a pair of these Iphone playing cards to play with my friends.

Playing cards that look like Iphones
Playing cards that look like Iphones
Playing cards that look like Iphones

The City Of Motorcyles, Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros Oriental



My place is said to be the City of Gentle People and the City of Motorcycles. There are numerous motorcyles of different kinds here in Dumaguete City. People here enjoy having thier motorcycles costumized.

This motorcycle Honda Wave 100 Alpha, named Yuie, has been modified since 2005. The original color was blue, I repainted it to white. From a simple white wave 100 I modified it to become Suzuki Raider 150 style, which provides a smooth and comfortable ride. Its muffler gives an excellent quality sound which is a result of a deliberate modification to its exhaust system.

Now, you cannot really identify whether it's a Honda Wave 100 Alpha or it's a Suzuki Raider 150. We molded and made holes to both sides of its body like those of a great white shark's.

Egyptian Woman Gives Birth To Septuplets

Egyptian mother Ghazala Khamis, center, is seen in hospital, after giving birth a day earlier to four boys and three girls at a hospital in the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria, Egypt, Sunday, Aug. 17, 2008. A day after giving birth to septuplets, a 27-year-old Egyptian woman said Sunday she's only seen her babies on television and hopes to hold them and give them names soon.

(AP Photo/Tarek Fawzy)

Egyptian nurses tend to newborn septuplets at the el-Shatbi hospital in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria, Egypt, Saturday, Aug. 16, 2008. The newborns, four boys and three girls, were delivered by caesarian section at the end of the eighth month of 27-year-old Ghazala Khamis' pregnancy.

Ghazala Khamis was in good condition after having a blood transfusion during her Caesarean section due to bleeding, said Emad Darwish, director of the El-Shatbi Hospital where she gave birth.
The newborns, four boys and three girls, weigh between 3.2 pounds and 6.17 pounds and are in stable condition, Darwish said. They have been placed in incubators in four different hospitals that have special premature baby units.

World's Tallest Man

Bao Xishun of China (2nd Right)

Leonid Standnyk of Ukraine

An undated handout photo shows the world's tallest man Bao Xishun (2nd R) of China posing with unidentified men. Guinness World Records has returned the title of world's tallest man to Bao after Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk refused to be measured under new guidelines. Bao, who stands at 7 feet, 8.95 inches (2.36 metres), held the title for a year before losing it in 2006 to Stadnyk, who is 8 feet 5.5 inches (2.57 metres) tall.

Lake Balinsasayao

We visited the Twin Lake Balinsasayao with Don2x(Donna Summer), Xandra, and my brother Enro.

Lake 1 is Lake Balinsasayao, Lake 2 is Danao Lake (Danao is a dialect word for Lake). Its a Natural Park that is home to 180 species.The lakes are two small but deep crater freshwater lakes rising 1000 feet above sea level. The area is surrounded by lush tropical greens and vegetation. Age old trees, giant ferns and other exotic plants and orchids are among its natural inhabitants. Wild rare vines freely cling to the barks of the trees. The Almagica Tree, the tallest tree of the Philippines growing up to 60 meters tall, can still be found here.

Activities allowed in the lake include swimming, fishing, boating, trekking and kayaking. There is a clean restroom and a small store selling beverages and light snacks.Most people bring their own packed meals for a lunch picnic in one of the cottages that may be rented.

KAZUMI - half German Shepherd/ half Human?

My Kazumi is a half German Shepherd dog given by my brother's close friend. She just turned 7 years old last May 10, 2008.

Like most dogs, Kazumi knows a lot of tricks. I remember the first command she followed perfectly was fetch, then find, sit, lie down , catch, jump, bark once, twice and three times by just hand signal.. and oh not to mention "push the botton" by which she would reach your hand by her nose.

Moreover, she would give you a ball even if you are just sitting down watching TV..she likes to play fetch. Last year she learned how to say "Nana" (my mother), "Eyen" (my nickname) and "Meow2x".. She can identify names of people and even insects/other cats or dogs when you say " Kazumi, find ...(name). Another thing is, she would know when you open a slicedbread by just the sound of its plastic container. She would then position herself lying down with her arms spreading ready for the snacks. But one thing I was amazed of is that it seems like she could count how many pieces of bread left inside the plastic container because she would not stop asking for it until only 1 piece is left for me. She would wake up at dawn, wake you up using her paws to ask for bread knowing that I am still sleeping. So then, only one piece is left for my breakfast.

The nice thing is that when my phone alarms, she would usually wake me up.. she's a very good alarm clock ..I would say. And if somebody is sick, she would comfort you by lying next to you.
Like humans, she does not like to defecate or urinate inside the house. She makes signals if she wants to go out,like barking while looking at you and the door. She does not want to step on a wet ground, and immediately goes back inside the house when she is through.
Kazumi, a jealous dog, a very keen listener , a protector and a loyal friend. She gets angry if I have someone to talk to that she does not know well or if I cuddle another dog or cat. One funny game me and my mom play is acting out as if we were fighting and then she would bark at the one she sees starting the fight.. On the other hand, she knows how to play hide and seek and she never gives up until she finds you.

Since Kazumi was a puppy, we are always her company, I think that's why she acts and think like humans. My mom always say that I am Kazumi's favorite. Wow! I am definitely proud.;)

Kazumi likes being dressed up! She gets mad if I will take it off;)

JIGZ- The Friendly Neighborhood Pitbull

J - jolly young pitbull, smart , and playful

I - innocent ,but to thieves he's terrible

G - got no hand-signal command, only to words

he expresses his respond

Z - Zzzz.. he naps on my lap and

do it for fun!

"Ah waiter..another beer here please.."

" I see the future in you eyes.." Stop staring at my nose!"

Yuroo's Growin' Up

Yuroo's Imaginary Fwenz

Scientists Find a Way to Make People Live for Hundreds of Years

Scientists Find a Way to Make People Live for Hundreds of Years
It can soon become possible for humans to live up to 800 years with the latest scientific breakthrough.

Researchers at the University of Southern California said that they managed to extend the lifespan of a strain of yeast fungus that can live 10 times longer than normal.

Valter Longo, the leading researcher of the study removed two genes RAS2 and SCH9 within the yeast's genome, that is responsible for aging in yeast and cancer in humans and put the baker's yeast on a restricting diet that extended its lifespan enormously.

Longo claimed that in spite of the difference between humans and yeast cells, this method is applicable to the same breakthrough in science of human longevity. He also said that though they were far from making people live till 800 years, it is quite possible to improve people's health and extend human lifespan to 120 years now.

The upper limit of human lifespan is now considered to be 125 years with just a few people managing to live that long.

Robin Holliday, a British gerontologist said that the claim that the possibility of humans to live up to 1,000 years may come from the future technology, where vulnerable parts of the body would be replaced and this would make a person live even longer.

Longo said that his scientific experiment proved that aging is genetically programmed and human lifespan can be altered to make people live much longer.

iPhone 3G Successfully Unlocked By Hackers

The unlocking hack isn’t out yet, but the team plans to release it on December 31st; it will require that your iPhone 3G be running version 2.11.07 or earlier baseband (the software that controls the cell phone part of the iPhone) and already be jailbroken. The Dev-Team also plans to release the hack as a standalone software program that can be run by most end users.


The Bird illusion

First of all just read out loud what you see in this triangle. After that read more about this illusion:

Cool trick! when you read, did you double the "the" ? Most of us do. I personally thought it was only one "the". You can try fooling out your friends by writing down a paper something like this. Very funny!

Source: The most amazing and fun things in the world.

5 Little Known Things about Making Money with Adsense

Millions of web pages and blogs are monetized with Google Adsense program. However, only 10% earn money substantially to reach the threshold of $100 a month. Google Adsense is a great way to monetize your web page or blog, because you don't need to do anything at all - other than 'copying and pasting the adsense code'. Every user wants to earn at least $100 a month from Adsense, which is the threshold of Google's paycheck. Only if you know few things about Adsense, you will earn money from it.

Here's a list of five things about Making Money with Adsense that you probably were not aware of. Make use of these tips and earn more money with Adsense on your hub pages and blogs.

1. No clicks = Poor Rating:

Tired of seeing low rates for clicks? Sometimes, you will even get $0.01 per click which is very poor. This means Google Adsense has rated your website as "POOR" below ordinary and grouped with 'scrap sites'. So, no matter whatever great content you write, you will not earn money from the site. If your adsense ads are not clicked in a website or a blog page, then immediately remove the 'adsense code'. Add your 'adsense code' only when you are confident about people will click on it. Sometimes, choosing such a niche (content type) is the key. For instance, people tend to click ads on review sites, technology sites and download sites.

2. Seasonal Rate Hikes:

This is another gold mine, the ad rates change based on the seasons/holidays. If a Christmas season is nearby, then advertisers will pay more to get the top bids, because of the tight competition. So, you may even get as big as $100 per click (Trust me). How can you take advantage of it? Write seasonal blog posts (or hub pages) and publish them. If Easter holidays are around the corner, then publish something related to Easter. You will get good rates for each click.

3. Know who will click:

Here's a truth - "No one wants to click Adsense ads". People are becoming used to the 'Ad blindness', they ignore seeing anything that looks like Ads. But, then who will click them? People who are searching for something. Or people who don't know much about 'Adsense Ads' or 'Contextual Ads'. How do you find them? You already know them - people whom are living with , your family and relatives. Ask them to visit your hub pages or blogs, don't mention anything about ads.

Run a classified ad in your local newspaper, the people who visit after reading such offline ads see the ads as part of content, so, they are more likely to click on ads.

4. Where is your ads?

Placement of your adsense ads is the key to get more clicks. You have to place it in the middle of the screen. Don't be shy or afraid to place your ads right in the centre. You need to use the same colour scheme to match your website / blog's design scheme. Users should not scroll above or below to see your ads. The ads should be right in front of their eyes. No excuse if you make mistake on this tip.

Unfortunately, some adsense revenue sharing sites such as Hubpages do not allow you to have the control on the colour scheme or placement, but do this if you have a blog or website.

5. Build a reputation:

Believe it or not, every Google Adsense account has a reputation factor. So, do not throw your ads every website or blog page you create. Instead, maintain one good quality page and build a reputation around it. Once you start getting good rates (at least $0.5) for your clicks, you can implement the code on other sites.

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Super Dog