Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Egyptian Woman Gives Birth To Septuplets

Egyptian mother Ghazala Khamis, center, is seen in hospital, after giving birth a day earlier to four boys and three girls at a hospital in the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria, Egypt, Sunday, Aug. 17, 2008. A day after giving birth to septuplets, a 27-year-old Egyptian woman said Sunday she's only seen her babies on television and hopes to hold them and give them names soon.

(AP Photo/Tarek Fawzy)

Egyptian nurses tend to newborn septuplets at the el-Shatbi hospital in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria, Egypt, Saturday, Aug. 16, 2008. The newborns, four boys and three girls, were delivered by caesarian section at the end of the eighth month of 27-year-old Ghazala Khamis' pregnancy.

Ghazala Khamis was in good condition after having a blood transfusion during her Caesarean section due to bleeding, said Emad Darwish, director of the El-Shatbi Hospital where she gave birth.
The newborns, four boys and three girls, weigh between 3.2 pounds and 6.17 pounds and are in stable condition, Darwish said. They have been placed in incubators in four different hospitals that have special premature baby units.

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