Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Kept Secrets for Shiny, Strong Hair

by The chicks at, on Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:02am PST
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When you see a certain drugstore shampoo commercial where the woman (always, always) has amazingly shiny hair, do you find yourself yelling "fake!" at the TV? (Don't feel bad; I'm totally there, shouting at my TV with you.)
Turns out, it's time to stop the cynicism. You actually can have totally shiny and strong hair in real life (er, unless you live in one of these 13 worst-hair cities) -- you just need a little help. Check out the tips below or take this shampoo quiz, and don't be surprised when the shocked and awed looks start.

Shine Cocktail
Celebrity hairstylist Marc Townsend (he does Natalie Portman and January Jones' hair, among other goddesses) has the perfect recipe for shiny hair: The night before you need extra shine, mix a silicone-based shine serum with deep conditioner, apply to your hair (fine-haired chicks will want to skip their roots) and leave it on for 15 minutes (or all night if you don't have a deep love for your pillow cases). Rinse it out thoroughly and have your sunglasses on hand to shield your eyes from your hair glare.

Skip the Heat
It's tough, I know, but whenever possible avoid the blow dryer and flat irons. You'll minimize the damage and split ends, so your hair will be stronger and lay smoother (smoother hair reflects more light and looks shinier). Can't avoid it? Then use one of these 14 top-rated drugstore conditioners.

Get All Martha Stewart-y
For a cheap and easy hair and scalp conditioner, massage olive oil into your scalp and down your hair. Put a towel over your pillow and sleep with it in (try not to dream about Italian food too much). Rinse it in the morning. If you'd rather have a sweet dream, try this recipe instead.

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