Saturday, March 13, 2010

Microscopic Sculptures

Great things come on small packages! Micro Sculptor Willard Wigan is the only person in the world who can create what can only be described as ‘micro art‘.

Artist Wigan uses a tiny surgical blade to carve his microscopic figures out of rice, grains of sand, and sugar, which are then displayed on items such as pinheads, the tip of an eyelash or even a grain of sand. One of his works is a boxing ring with a Muhammad Ali figure that fits on the head of a match.

In an interview with BBC, Willard tells us:

JJ: How old were you when you found out you had this talent?

WW: I was 5 years old. I had learning difficulties and found things difficult. I came from a poor family and wasn’t pushed. I was just told to ‘try hard at school’. That was 42 years ago, and since it’s been an obsession.

JJ: How difficult is it to create the miniature art?

WW: Let me tell you, it’s very difficult. Every movement I make is so small. I have to control my breathing and heartbeat — it’s not easy! I usually work at night and have to make sure the dog isn’t around.

JJ: What’s your favorite piece of work so far?

WW: I like the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs piece, just because I had to fit so much into the head of a pin. It’s also quite a fun work of art, only 3 times bigger than a blood cell.

JJ: What’s been your biggest achievement in life?

WW: That would be the mini model of The Last Supper. It had TWELVE disciples and Jesus — it was a real challenge

JJ: What would you say to any aspiring artists in any form?

WW: “Be original! Be creative! Be individual and make your mark…”

Willard Wigan is from Birmingham England, born in 1957. The Willard Wigan exhibition at The Mailbox in Birmingham is open for the public to view Monday to Saturday 10am — 8pm, and on Sunday from 11am — 5pm.

It’s been rumored that Willard Wigan may soon be retiring.



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